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Jordan-Risa Santos, Account Director


Jordan-Risa Santos, Account Director


Regimens is an ongoing series where we interview working women about their careers and how they take time to care for their skin and well being.

How did you get started working in marketing?

I actually majored in Public Relations while studying at Pepperdine University. I always thought I would end up in fashion PR, as I interned at fashion PR firms all throughout college. When I graduated, I was the first hire at an influencer marketing start-up. Once I left, SWIM SOCIAL, the social media agency I work for now, contacted me. Social media marketing was never something I thought I would do growing up, as it wasn't an industry yet or something I could even study!

Jordan Santos
A photo posted by @jordanrisa

What do you like most about your career?

I really like the versatility of it. Social media is always changing so you have to consistently change with it. All of my coworkers are young, creative, intelligent individuals and I enjoy seeing creativity come to life through strong work ethic and execution.

Any tips on how to balance work and your personal life?

None at all! Social media is a 24/7 job so the lines are often blurred. I hang out with a lot of the girls from work on weekends or in the evenings. My advice is to work at what you love and with people you like and respect so that you don't necessarily have to find that balance. ;)

Jordan Santos
A photo posted by @jordanrisa

Looking at your feed, we noticed you’ve been to some beautiful places. What are some of your favorites?

Phuket, Thailand has been my favorite so far - specifically Ko Phi Phi Island. The beaches are insane. I prefer traveling to places that allow me to relax and wander and remove me from that typical city life. Marrakech, Morocco was beautiful, too, with the intricate architecture and interiors. I went to Lisbon, Portugal on that same trip and wondered why people immediately flock to France or Italy when wanting to visit Europe. Lisbon is so underrated! I do love London, too - I would totally live there if it were just 20 degrees warmer at all times and less rainy!

What do you like most about traveling?

I like discovering something completely new, whether it's a beach or historical landmark or dish. It helps me forget about daily worries and shows me how large the world really is - that's why I love reading! It transports me to someplace else, giving me a break from "the real world."

Jordan Santos
A photo posted by @jordanrisa

How did you get started in skin care?

I'm still starting to get into it. I used to use drugstore brands but recently brands have started sending me items to try which really showed me how much I can improve my regimen. I have really sensitive skin with lots of redness. I'm trying to control and lessen that!

Do you have any advice for someone starting a skin care regimen?

Figure out your skin type and what your problems are. Then find products based on that!

What does your morning routine look like?

I wash my face with a low PH cleanser from COSRx. I then use this under eye cooling stick from Urban Outfitters - it's a Korean beauty product as well. I then use a face mist from this site and then use an all-natural kale spinach moisturizer from Youth to the People. I then put on makeup if I need to!

What does your evening routine look like?

Usually when I get home or before washing my face, I use a makeup remover wipe to remove any makeup. I then use this makeup remover from Banila Co which I apply on dry skin and then lather and rinse off with water. I use the low PH cleanser afterwards and then use the cooling under eye stick and top off with face mist. Once a week I use a cooling face masque from Aveda to help reduce redness and irritation.

Jordan Santos
A photo posted by @jordanrisa

Do you have any rituals that help you unwind after a busy week?

I just like to chill and relax at home, preferably with a book. Reading always helps me remove myself from a hectic week.

Jordan Santos is an Account Director at Swim Social. You can follow her on Instagram at @jordanrisa