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A New Approach to Beauty

Beyond exotic ingredients and innovative formulas, Korean skin care is renowned for its extensive, multi-step regimens that focus on maintaining healthy skin. Although the many steps can seem daunting at first, the best routine need not include every step, but instead just the products that work for you. We’ve prepared the following guide to help you learn the steps and how best to combine them.

Healthy, Moisturized Skin

Korean skin care focuses on promoting healthy skin by emphasizing layers of hydration starting with products with the lightest consistency and building to products with the heaviest.



Throughout the day your face is bombarded with bacteria, pollutants, and dirt (not to mention your makeup and sunscreen). Proper cleansing removes this thick layer of dirt and grime, which helps keep your face acne-free and allows other products to deeply penetrate the skin.


Makeup Remover

Everyone knows oil and water don’t mix, so in Korean skincare, the first cleanser is always a makeup remover that is oil based so it can dissolve oil based products like makeup and sunscreen.



Water based cleansers gently remove sweat, dirt, and other water-based debris, preparing your skin for the rest of your regimen.



Your skin is made up of many layers of cells, but only the deepest layer contains fresh, living cells. Exfoliants help speed up your skin’s natural renewal process, clearing away tired, dead cells, while leaving behind smooth, radiant skin. To avoid irritating sensitive skin, exfoliants should only be used once or twice a week at maximum.


Physical Exfoliants

Containing small granules, physical exfoliants gently scrub away dead skin cells, visibly improving skin texture for a noticeable, healthy glow.


Chemical Exfoliants

Made of gentle acids like BHA or AHA, chemical exfoliants are useful for clearing clogged pores, making them perfect for acne-prone skin.



In Korean skin care, masks come in many different forms. We’ve included two different types in our collection:


Clay Masks

Perfect for those with oily or acne-prone skin, clay masks absorb impurities and excess oil, which helps fight acne causing bacteria.


Sheet Masks

Made of natural fibers and formulated with the same powerful ingredients as serums, sheet masks deliver immediate, visible results.



Treatments can come in many forms, but they all contain powerful ingredients that are targeted to address specific concerns. A good rule of thumb when applying is to go from lighter solutions like essences to thicker, more viscous treatments like serums and ampoules.



By providing hydration and balancing your skin’s pH, toners help prepare your skin for the rest of your regimen.



Unique to Korean skin care, essences contain the same powerful ingredients as serums, but in a lightweight and fresh formulation.


Ampoules + Serums

Featuring highly concentrated formulas designed to target specific concerns, ampoules and serums will deliver lasting results.



Ranging from lightweight, whipped cream like textures to highly occlusive sleeping packs, you will find the cream that’s right for you. As a crucial step to keeping skin moisturized and protected, creams also help seal in active ingredients from the previous steps.


Eye Creams

Specially formulated for the delicate skin around your eyes, eye creams are perfect for addressing puffiness and dark under eye circles.



By creating a barrier to lock in hydration, moisturizers play a key role in repairing and protecting your skin from premature signs of aging.


Night Creams

Also referred to as a sleeping mask, night creams are extra rich and occlusive, perfect for nourishing and moisturizing skin while you sleep.



As the last step in your morning routine, sunscreen is the best way to prevent premature signs of aging as well as hyperpigmentation.

Customize your skin care regimen